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How to prepare to become a criminal lawyer while still in secondary school

Deciding to become a criminal lawyer is a commendable goal. High school choices can influence your future in law. This guide will help you take steps for success in criminal law. Let’s explore strategies that can make a big difference in your journey to a legal career.

Criminal Lawyer

Understand the Role of a Criminal Lawyer

Preparing for a career in criminal law means getting what criminal lawyers do. They have a big job – defending people accused of crimes. They make sure trials are fair, and justice is upheld. It would be best to have sharp thinking, good communication skills, and a strong sense of what’s right to do well in this challenging but rewarding job.

Academic Preparation

Building a solid academic base is crucial for a successful legal career. High school students aiming to be criminal lawyers should focus on subjects that create critical skills for the job. English, history, government, and public speaking are vital subjects. Keep your grades high and get involved in academic competitions. You can also look at law-related clubs to boost your academic profile.

Subjects like English, history, government, and public speaking create a strong foundation. High grades and active participation in competitions or law-related clubs are crucial. This strengthens your academic record and hones vital skills for the legal profession.

Those aspiring to be lawyers in Thompson should seek advice from local defence lawyers in Thompson. It can be beneficial for developing a solid academic foundation.

Extracurricular Activities

Doing extracurricular activities can impact becoming a lawyer. Try out pretend trials, join talking clubs, or get internships in law. It helps you learn how courtrooms work and brings you good at arguing and understanding cases. They show that you’re well-rounded and committed. It can boost your chances of getting into law school and succeeding as a lawyer.

Volunteer and Community Service

Give your time at legal help places, community centers, or non-profit law offices. You’ll see how the law works. Doing this helps you understand the legal system. It shows you care about fairness, which is essential in criminal law.

Mentorship and Networking

Ask real lawyers or law teachers for advice. They know a lot about the job. Having mentors and talking to experienced legal pros helps you understand the tricky parts of being a criminal lawyer better.

Research and Reading

Keep up with what’s happening in law and essential cases. If you’re considering being a lawyer, read books, articles, and resources about law. It helps you understand how the law works better.

College Preparation

Pick a college with an excellent pre-law program or one focusing on criminal law. Keep your grades high and get ready for the LSAT exam in college. This is important to get into a good law school.


If you want to be a criminal lawyer, start early and plan. Work hard in school, do activities outside of class, and volunteer. Getting advice from mentors, staying informed, and preparing for college are essential. Following these steps sets you up for success and impacts justice meaningfully.