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What Determines the Price of Floral Arrangements?

Purchasing flowers can become quite costly, especially when seeking a grand or intricate­ floral arrangements. Expense­s quickly accumulate, particularly when procuring blossoms for momentous occasions like anniversaries.

If you live in Toronto and want anniversary flowers, you’ll see that some are more expensive than others. So, why do some flower arrangements cost more than others? There are a few important things that decide how much a bouquet or flower decoration costs.

Floral Arrangements

Types of Flowers

One of the biggest drivers of cost is the types of flowers used in the arrangement. Fresh-cut flowers that are rare, delicate, or out of season typically cost more. Popular anniversary flowers like roses, calla lilies, and tulips are generally more expensive than filler flowers like baby’s breath. 

Tropical flowers like orchids and anthurium that are imported also bump up costs. Opting for more exotic, vibrant blooms will carry a higher price tag.

Number of Flower Stems

The number of flower stems that go into an arrangement also affects the overall price. A massive bouquet with 50 stems of roses is going to be pricier than a petite posy with just 10 stems. When you order anniversary flowers in Toronto, options with more stems or a greater volume of flowers will be at the higher end. Simple, sparer designs cost less than overflowing arrangements jam-packed with blossoms.

Florist Work

It also depends on how much work the florist puts in. Making a special, creative bouquet takes more time and skill. That means a higher price. Simple bouquets are quicker to make and don’t cost as much. Florists charge more for custom designs versus basic arrangements. Hand-tied or designed on-site is pricier than pre-made ones.

Delivery Costs

When you order flowers, getting them delivered to your doorstep can cost extra money. If you’re sending flowers within Toronto, there might be a small fee. But if you want to send them far away or if you need them to arrive on the same day, it will cost more. 

The additional charge­s include the car that transports the flowe­rs, the fuel consumed, the­ time of the delivery person, and a gratuity for the driver. So, when considering the total cost of the flowe­rs, remember to factor in the delivery fee­s as well!

Florist Location

Fancy downtown Toronto florists charge higher prices. Small shops cost more than big warehouses. Store rent and bills are extra expenses they include in their prices. Online flower sellers are often cheaper than shops.

Extra Services

Flower shops offer special services like delivering flowers on the same day, tracking orders, making custom cards, and wrapping gifts. But these services cost more money. These supplementary services can be skipped to save money on flowers.


Buying a bouquet can cost different amounts based on things like the flowers, size, where you buy it, and extra things you add. Knowing this helps you pick bouquets you can afford. There are lots of options, so you can find beautiful bouquets that match your budget!